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Product Description





Our standard dry ice machine JHK100 is producing a slice with a dimension of 125 x 105 x 25 mm which is normally used for airline catering. It is also possible to produce other thicknesses up to 60 mm by manual adjustment of the snow injection time. Other slice dimensions are available on request.

Unique Features

PLC Omron - controls the complete process, injection and hydraulic

Independent performance - very constant production, independent of pressure and temperature

Integrated production control system- definition and supervision of production quantity

High process reliability - optimized process monitoring provides optimal performance and increases process reliability

Easy maintenance - simple structure and easy replacement of spare parts makes maintenance work simple for even new users

Minimum floor space for high production performance


Size: L x W x H: 1450 x 1100x 1600mm

Weight: 1200kg

Capacity: 100-180kg/hour

Approx 2.5:1 Liquid to Solid CO₂ Ratio (without recovery)

Dry ice size: 125*105 or 150*100mm, thickness 10-60mm adjustable

Liquid CO₂Pressure : less than 2.1MPa

Electrical voltage: 380V, 3phase, 50Hz

Drive Media: Hydraulic,  7.5kw

CO2 source: Co2 storage tank, water content is less than 55pm

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