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Complete Service for Foreign Customers

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Sinocean Inernational is looking forward to building long term relationships with customers all over the world. We offer complete international trade service, which involves inquiries of catalogue and price list, samples submission, warehouse, jobsite and factory tours, complete documentation preparation and examination, customs declaration, commodity inspection, and logistics services. Sincoean International is committed to providing accurate, efficient and properly packaged shipments on time and at a low cost with complete after-sale service and assistance.
Nice cooperation with China suppliers
Numerous cooperation with domestic goods suppliers, especially the factories perfects Sinocean supply system aiming for foreign market. We here give our sincere thanks to our long-term faithful suppliers who contribute to our achievement and success. To reward them, the best incentive is business orders regularly offering to our cooperating partners every year.
We are only bridge but strong and reliable for both our suppliers and customers supported by Sincoean persistent, excellent and integrated service.
Welcome everyone call us on +86 371 5597 0121 or write to
Thanks for your cooperation!
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